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The New Job One

Sometimes, opportunities come along that are too good to pass up. Back in January*, I was offered the chance to move from my current, temporary contract doing science communications at the Central Laser Facility, to one doing ‘proper’ work in STFC’s Scientific Computing Department.

From old desk to new can’t be more than 500 metres, so it’s not as though I’m moving far. But, after four years of studying computing and physics, it’s a fantastic opportunity to really put into practice what I’ve learned in my degree and – hopefully – learn a lot more.

It’s a scary move, because now I have to prove – to myself as much as anyone else – that I really can survive in the world of science, research, academia, and all that comes with it. But, it’s a good risk to take, and sometimes it’s important to get out of the comfy chair and face a new challenge.

45 days to go… not that I’m excited, at all 🙂

* Why, if I got the job in January am I mentioning it only now? Well, STFC excels at many things, but doing anything quickly is not one of them and it’s taken them four and a half months to sort out my contract… so what can you do.