Tools and software I use

These are all things I use from day to day; and things I recommend to others if I’m asked.

  • Proton. Encrypted email and calendar (plus VPN sometimes, if I don’t need access to my home network). They also have a ‘Drive’ service for document storage, but I prefer my own NAS.
  • PiVPN. A simple way to setup and run a VPN server on your home (or any other) network. Supports WireGuard which seems to be taking over from OpenVPN as the default. I used it for secure, remote access to my home network from my portable devices.
  • SyncThing. A brilliant little service that runs in the background on your devices and synchronises files and folders you specify. Fully end to end encrypted, and never stores your files anywhere other than on your own systems (there is no ‘cloud’ here). I combine it with a cheap NAS connected to a cheap always-on computer at home, allowing me to have my own ‘private cloud’… kind of.