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The New Job One

Sometimes, opportunities come along that are too good to pass up. Back in January*, I was offered the chance to move from my current, temporary contract doing science communications at the Central Laser Facility, to one doing ‘proper’ work in STFC’s Scientific Computing Department.

From old desk to new …

The #ThrowbackThursday One

This was my first mini-project I was asked to work on at the Central Laser Facility. I was given some historical information about the CLF, and it’s work, and asked to create five #ThrowbackThursday tweets, one relating to each of the facility’s current lasers.

The one where I choose my final year degree modules.

TM470 is meant to be the undergraduate ‘dissertation’ module in OU computing degrees. But, because I’m studying a Combined STEM degree (where, pretty much, I can do any science, technology, engineering or maths courses), I don’t have to do it.

For the record, I do want to do …